viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

How do you pronounce -ed endings?

-ed endings are a usual bone of contention among English students, and not only at lower levels. On occasion, one comes across some strong intermediate and even advanced students who grapple with this pronunciation point.

Bren Brennan from St George International School published a more than interesting pronunciation activity yesterday which gives intermediate-to-advanced students the opportunity to revise the pronunciation of -ed endings in a funny and engaging way.

Bren found the perfect excuse to come up with -ed endings to comment on the news of Harper Seven, Vicky and David Beckham's newborn baby daughter. He has also included the audio file, which is perfect for those students working on their own.

If you still need further revision on -ed endings, you can find a similar activity on St George International School about some WWII documents by clicking on the Pronunciation tag of their web.

I would also like to grab the opportunity to recommend St George International blog, as they regularly publish interesting entries and activities for both students and teachers.