lunes, 25 de julio de 2011

William and Kate interview in full

When did William propose to Kate?
Whose ring did William give Kate?
How did William's and Kate's families react at the news?
How many children are William and Kate planning to have?
When did they set eyes on each other?
Have they ever lived together?
When did each meet their partner's family?
Is it true that they really split up once?
Is William's mother casting a long shadow over Kate?

These are some of the questions that William and Kate answered on their BBC interview in November 2010 when they announced their engagement.

We posted a listening activity based on a YouTube clip on this blog about the event back then, but YouTube deleted the videoclip and so we were obliged to erase the activity.

Now thanks to Nadia Zaramella, from A Little Brit of Us, I have managed to spot the interview in full on the BBC site, together with a full transcript that she is providing.

The whole interview is a bit lengthy, 17+ minutes, and only suitable for strong intermediate students, but I guess we can do a number of thing to get to grips with it all:

1 Watch through and see how much you understand.
2 Watch first, read the transcript later on, and watch again.
3 Watch and read at the same time.

Whatever you do, you have tons of listening and reading material to get you through for some during the summer break.

Thank you, Nadia.