miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Motivational video: Your time is now

Watch this short motivational video that writer Katherine Center made for the States Conference for Women this year and fill in the blanks in the transcript with only one word.

This year is not last year. This year is different. Time has its way of (1) … forward, and changing everything in the process, changing everything including you. The things you know. The things you want. The things you can do. This year, you can do more than (2) … … these changes happen. You can remember all that life’s (3) … have taught you about being resilient, that a beautiful promise you can make to yourself. To rebound from anything that has (4) … you. To remember that it’s not what happens to you that matters, but who you become in (5) … . To leave the past in the past. To remind yourself every day how full of promise every minute is right now.

You must not forget all the ways that you are a leader or (6) … the things that you can do. It’s so easy to think that your (7) … don’t matter or that you are not so good as you’d like to be. It’s so easy to (8) … on the ways you let yourself down.

But this year is its own new year. You can choose to believe in yourself. You can look for beauty in everything. You can be (9) … of the purpose that you bring to every single thing that matters and the (10) … that comes from that purpose. What’s different now is that you are different. You are (11) … in all the ways that time makes us wise. You are braver in all the ways that life (12) … us to be brave. That’s what’s different about this year. The things experience has taught you. The way you know that opportunity is only there if you look for it, that believing in your own strength makes it real. And that the only way to make the most of your one (13) … life is to discover what you want, and go get it.

This is the information Wikipedia cites on Katherine Center:

You can watch more inspirational videos by Katherine on her webpage here.

1 rolling 2 just let 3 struggles 4 challenged 5 response 6 underestimate 7 strengths 8 focus 9 mindful 10 power 11 wiser 12 compels 13 precious