miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

The end of Harry Potter?

"Harry Potter's final battle with Lord Voldemort will hit movie screens on July 15 but that young wizard has already scored a decisive victory where it counts: at the box office, on best-seller lists and in the crowded arena of fantasy-driven popular culture. J. K. Rowling, a single mother when she hatched a series of magical boarding-school novels, has ascended to an Oprah-like level of wealth and influence, while Harry, with more than $6 billion in tickets sold globally, has surpassed James Bond as the top-grossing movie-franchise hero."

This is the first paragraph of The New York Times article on the release of the last film of the Harry Potter series, which includes all the trailers of the eight films, and an interesting interactive with everything related to Harry Potter from the very beginning.

But The New York Times goes far beyond, as they have compiled in The Learning Network everything which has to do with Harry Potter they have managed to find in their archives, from fill-in the blanks activities, to multimedia, to reviews, to readers' opinions, to Harry Potter web sites, to parodies. In short, the wealth of resources is endless and caters for all tastes.