miércoles, 21 de septiembre de 2011

Distracted drivers

Self-study activity:
  • Have you ever driven after having a drink?
  • Have you ever talked on the phone or texted while driving?
  • If so, were you in danger of having a crash?
  • As well as talking on the phone or texting, what other activities do drivers do while at the wheel?
Now watch this The New York Times video and answer the quesions below.

1 List all the different activities mentioned that drivers do while behind the wheel.
2 If you use a cell phone while driving, how likely are you to cause a crash?
3 What’s the typical reaction of American people when told about this fact?
4 How much blood alcohol level does texting when driving amount to?
5 In the simulation driving test, what task were drivers given?
6 How many people failed the test?
7 If you are texting while driving, how likely are you to get involved in an accident?
8 Why did the last guy switch to Bluetooth?
1 Using the cell phone, lighting a cigarette, eating sandwiches, sending a text message while driving with the knee, put lipstick on, leafing through a document (a legal brief), clipping the nails, watching TV
2 Four times more than normal
3 Ignore it
4 0.08
5 Take an exit toward a rest stop while talking on a hands-free cell phone.
6 Half
7 Eight times more than usual
8 Because he was given 5 tickets for using his cell phone while driving