martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Talking point: Must-read novels

In summer we posted a blog entry about the best summer readings, which exclusively focused on thrillers. This week's talking point touches on the same topic to some extent, but our main concern is get you speaking English.

The following questions may help you to structure a conversation about your reading habits.

How often do you read novels?
How many novels a year do you read?
Which novel are you reading at the moment?
When do you read it?
Do you have an all-time favourite novel?
Do you have a favourite writer whose (new) novels you always try to read?
Do you think there are some novels everyone should read?
If so, which ones?

To help you with ideas, you can read this The Telegraph article about their choice of 100 novels everyone should read. How many of the titles they suggest have you read? Would you include some other novels on their list?