viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011


Self-study activity:
Watch this promotional video of Wales and fill in the blanks in the transcript with the missing words.

Wales. Where land meets the sky and the (1) ... meets the ocean.
Where world class meets business class.
Where business meets (2) ...  .
Where great minds meet.
And where great nations meet to do (3) ... .
Where all paths meet. And where town meets country.
Where the past meets the present and the present meets the future.
Where man meets (4) ... and nature.
Where the (5) ..., meets the everyday.
Where culture and art meet (6) ... and technology.
Where service and (7) ... meet with the highest standards.
Where the Welsh spirit is waiting to greet you.

Wales has more to offer the business delegate than most other countries across the UK and Europe. With centres of excellence ready to cater for any size group and (8) ...   ... of every description, you can enjoy the very best accommodation in some of the most (9) ... settings in the world.
So if you're planning a conference, meeting, convention or incentive programme, Wales is the place where great things come together.
Where the (10) ... meets.

1 shore 2 pleasure 3 battle 4 machine 5 unique 6 science 7 care 8 leisure 9 inspiring 10 facilities world