sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011


Parliament.UK is the official website of the British Parliament. A fascinating section of the site is its educational resources, which tries to bring the British Parliament closer to the public, especially children.

Here we will find lots of [short] videos showing the MPs' work, the way Parliament works, the different jobs within the Parliament structure, the history of British Parliament and so on. Some MPs themselves explain to the public what their job consists of.

We also have at our disposal games, interactive whiteboard resourceslesson plans and some other stuff.

All in all, the educational resources of Parliament.UK provide us with lots of authentic reading and listening which will undoubtedly help our English, but most importantly it will show us the way the political activity functions in the UK.

Spend some time exploring Parliament.UK and judge for yourself.

In the video below, for instance, MP Natsacha Engel explains how an MP is elected.