miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

Ashton Kutcher's First Scene in Two and a Half Men

I have made it a habit to watch Two and a Half Men in summer time. I find it funny, original and  entertaining. Since Charlie Sheen was fired from the series, the Two and a Half Men fans were looking forward to Ashton Kutcher's debut in the ninth season.  Here is it finally.

Watch the short clip and answer the following questions.

1 Why was Ashton in the ocean?
2 Why is he so unhappy?
3 Is Ashton broke?
4 Whose house is Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) living in?

You can read the transcript here.

1 He was trying to commit suicide 2 His wife or girlfriend has dumped him 3 No, he's got a fortune (his wife demands 1.3 million dollars of him) 4 His brother's, who has just died