viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Talking point: Do boys have less intense friendships than girls?

How important are your friendships?
How do you think boys’ friendships differ, in general, from girls’?
Do boys' friendships often “fade” in intensity in adolescence and after?
If so, why do you think that is?
Do you think everyone needs intimate friendships to be healthy and happy?
Why or why not?
Do you find that girls are encouraged to cultivate more intense friendships than boys?
Do stereotypes ever get in the way of having the relationships you want to have with a friend or friends? Have you ever suffered the loss of a close friendship?

Before you get together with your conversation group to discuss the topic of differences between boys and girls in the concept of friendship you may wish to read this The New York Times article by Jan Hoffman “Allowing Teenage Boys to Love Their Friends”.

During your discussion, you may need to interrupt your partners on occasion. Do it politely using some of these expressions:

Can I interrupt just for a moment?
Excuse me for interrupting, but …
I’d like to comment on that.
Sorry to interrupt, but …

Similarly, after being interrupted you will be willing to return to what you were saying. Use some of these expressions to do so:

As I was saying …
To get back to what I was saying, …
I’d like to get back to …
Anyway, …