domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

One day on Earth

ONE DAY ON EARTH creates a picture of humanity by recording a 24-hour period throughout every country in the world.

They follow characters and events that evolve throughout the day, interspersed with expansive global montages that explore the progression of life from birth, to death, to birth again. In the end, despite unprecedented challenges and tragedies throughout the world, we are reminded that every day we are alive, there is hope and a choice to see a better future together.

Founded in 2008, ONE DAY ON EARTH set out to explore our planet’s identity and challenges in an attempt to answer the question: Who are we?

Here’s a trailer to the movie I got through Larry Ferlazzo but, more importantly, here is a link to the map where you can pick a video from just about anyplace in the world and watch it.

One Day on Earth - Motion Picture Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

It's like, it is as though you were standing outside the universe looking in. We are not just a speck here. We are not even a speck in a speck. Ok? Were a speck in a speck in a speck.
May the 7000 actions of our brothers and sisters from around the globe, on the most wide spread day of environmental action in the planet's history make a significant difference.
One community trying to exist apart from all other communities is not in any way acknowledging the entirety of existence and how it depends, everything depends on everything.
All these... thousands, thousands of different minds, different views, different thoughts interconnected.