jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011

Anecdotes: A party I recently attended

Watch these two anecdote videos about a birthday party from the MacMillan Inside Out web page and answer the questions about them.

1 Whose birthday party was it?
2 How old did he turn?
3 What was special about the party?
4 What kind of party was it?
5 What was the theme of the party?
6 Why?
7 What fancy dress did she wear?
8 Where was the party held?
9 How many people turned up at the party?
10 Did she know everybody?
11 What did they eat?
12 What did they do all night?
13 Who did she dance with at the end of the night?

1 Her brother’s 2 Nineteen 3 It was a surprise party 4 A fancy dress party 5 The letter G 6 Her brother’s name is Ges 7 Lady Gaga 8 At her sister’s house 9 Forty-five 10 No, just a handful. All of her brother’s friends were there 11 Pizza, burgers and chicken wings because they had a barbecue 12 They played music and danced 13 A twenty-one-year-old

1 When was the party?
2 Whose party was it?
3 How old did she turn?
4 Who was invited to the party?
5 What did they eat?
6 Did they dance?

1 Last weekend 2 Her friend’s Sarah 3 Thirty 4 Loads of friends and family 5 A massive birthday cake and loads of other food 6 No during the official birthday party, but afterwards they went to a club, where they danced until very late

Now over to you. You are going to talk about a party you've been to. Think carefully about what you are going to say before you start talking. Use the questions below as a guideline to help you structure what you are going to say.

Whose party was it?
Why did he/she have a party?
What sort of party was it?
Was there a theme?
Where was the party?
How many people were there?
How many people did you know?
What did you eat and drink?
What was the music like?
Did you dance?
Did you stay until the end?

Now get together with an English-speaking friend or relative and tell each other about your anecdote.