jueves, 13 de octubre de 2011

Water Splashing Festival

Self-study activity:
This is an authentic listening activity for Básico 2 students (elementary) taken from BBC Earth.

Watch the three-minute excerpt about a water festival in China and answer the questions below.

1 Where does the celebration take place?
2 What do the Dai call themselves?
3 How long have the Dai lived in the Yunan's river valleys?
4 What are the two most important things for the Dai?
5 What are the Dai grateful for?
6 Where do the rivers in the Dai region come from?

You can read the transcript here.

1 south-west [corner of] China 2 the people of the water 3 for more than 2,000 years 4 Buddhism and their home 5 the rivers and their land 6 from the mountains of Tibet