lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

An excellent site to learn English online

ETP (English Teachers' Portfolio) is a site from the British Council in Brazil we posted about a long time ago. For some reason, they changed their URL and we deleted the entry, but ETP is back on track and so are we, letting you know about it.

Here is the information ETP publishes about their English learning site.

ETP is a unique self-study language improvement programme. It is specifically designed to help [students] develop listening and speaking skills. Special emphasis is placed on:
• improving pronunciation
• developing vocabulary and grammatical accuracy
• giving practise in linguistic areas which are often difficult
• classroom English
• teaching methodology
You can listen to the material as many times as you want to and there are a variety of accents for you to copy. It has a full Key for all the exercises, which includes model answers for the speaking activities and additional ideas to help you teach the language in class.

ETP is also full of Study tips and practical pedagogical suggestions to improve your classroom practice.

The material is based on interviews with a Brazilian teacher from Rio de Janeiro. We asked her to talk about various aspects of her personal and professional life, we then created 20 'units' based on her answers.
These units progress from 'easier' to 'more difficult' and are designed to serve as models for you to be able to answer the same questions and talk about your life in detail, fluently and accurately in English.

What level is ETP?

The ETP material does not easily fall into the usual categories. That's because we focus on listening and speaking practice. Many [students] know a lot of English but sometimes lack fluency and confidence.
At first glance the ETP material may look easy. But if you listen and answer without reading, and then try to copy the models then record yourself and develop fluent answers, you will find it much more challenging and useful.

To sample the level of the material we suggest you quickly try to do one or two of the E sections from the later units, e.g. unit 10 and unit 19 of the course. If you can easily listen and answer most of the questions there accurately and with good pronunciation, and get a score over 65, the material may well be too easy for you. You may find it useful to move around the book doing only the parts that you find difficult, although it is designed to progress from unit 1 to unit 20.

In terms of lexis and grammar, the material begins at an 'elementary' level and progresses to 'pre-intermediate'. When you finish you should have a fluent vocabulary of about 1500 words and be at an oral / aural level equivalent to the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) (B1).