domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Wedding Season

On the Street is a regular feature from The New York Times. There Phil Cunningham regularly publishes videos which show aspects of everyday life in New York.

Summer is the typical wedding season in New York, too. Phil Cunningham grabs the opportunity to discuss fashion in weddings regarding the bride's wedding dress.

Watch the video and say whether sentences 1-6 are true or false.

1 Tradition has a big influence on the choice of wedding dress.
2 The wedding in London (William and Kate's) this year has had a great influence for the choice of dress.
3 Some brides prefer to dress informally or wear a short wedding dress.
4 Children usually misbehave in the ceremony.
5 All over New York you can see similar weddings.
6 Last week there was a double rainbow over Central Park.

You can read the transcript here.

1T 2F (next year perhaps) 3T 4F (they behave well in the ceremony, although later on they release all the energy they have built up during the ceremony) 5T 6T