sábado, 10 de septiembre de 2011

Kizclub: A great site for lower level students

Kizclub is a more than interesting site for Básico 1 and Básico 2 (elementary) students, although all language learners can greatly benefit from it. I learnt about it through Larry Ferlazzo a few weeks ago.

 The section stories and props of the site can turn out to be extremely helpful to students. The section is divided in three levels of difficulty, with level 1 being the easiest.

There, students can read and listen to short stories, where many aspects of everyday life are shown and, therefore, a lot of vocabulary and basic structures can be learnt or revised. There are some activities students can do with the stories:
  • Listen first, read afterwards: First listen to a sentence in the story, then read it yourself.
  • Shadow reading: Read the story at the same time you listen to it.
  • Vocabulary notebook: Read and listen to a story and note down any new words that come up. Pay attention to the spelling, meaning and pronunciation of each new word.
  • Listening and speaking: Listen to a story through, from the beginning to the end. Then say the story in your own words. This technique is specially suitable for intermediate 1 and 2 students with the stories in level 3.