viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014

From 1994

Casey Warren made this story in memory of his mom. This is the way this short film is presented in Vimeo.

"What you say to a loved one if you only had one chance to say it all?" From 1994 seeks to answer this along with the importance of remembering those who we've lost in our lives. We are incredibly humbled by all those who supported our project and want to say thank you for all those involved. It has been our labor of love and we are excited to finally release it. -Casey & Danielle."

The topic of death might usually strike a chord, but Casey handles it beautifully. Just watch it and judge for yourself.

Lesson idea:
What would you write as your last words to your beloved ones?  The idea in the film reminded of the BBC Programme 'Letters to Myself', where you can write a letter to yourself and post it to, which will send it back to you at the time in the future you pick. When you receive your own letter, you can see what you were like when you sent it, and what your life expectations were at the time.

"From 1994" Short Film from Casey Warren | MINDCASTLE on Vimeo.

Dear, Casey,
If I could look into a crystal ball, I have no doubts I would find you still blonde, handsome and as full of love and questions as you are now at the age of five.
My favorite time of my life is the years that you’ve been alive, because you have made me feel truly alive. So far in raising you, you have been the child every parent wants, one whom I delight in taking places rather than leaving with a babysitter.
What did you wish for this year son? If I have one wish for you, it is that you have already found a direction in life, a talent or desire that has pointed you towards a life’s work that will bring you joy.
Speaking of hobbies, what are yours now? your five year old self likes to collect and experiment with bugs, do karate, play with micromachines, draw maps, write ‘Chinese-secret hieroglyphics’style
on bitty pieces of paper folded a dozen ways from Sunday.
Don’t be afraid to explore new things, always remember that. You are never bored, and you can entertain yourself for hours without any toy in sight. You’d die for a secret room or passageway all your own. Wouldn't we all?
As I write you are in bed. We let you stay up later than most because you never get tired and crabby like some kids do. Before I say good night, I want you to remember I will always be here for you even-though I may not be with you.
Bye for now, from 1994, see you in the next lifetime.