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MomMeetMom is a new matchmaking website which helps moms share tips and arrange play dates.

Self-study activity:
Watch this short ABC's news video clip and say whether the statements below are true or false.

The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

1 A lot of mums feel isolated.
2 A lot of mums on MomMeetMom don't work.
3 Allison and Ellie were born in Massachusetts.
4 Meg Gerritson has two children.
5 MomMeetMom gives information based on location, number of kids, interests and priorities.

A new match-making site that we are talking about now. This one is a twist. Mommeetsmom helps new moms connect with each other and share tips on anything, from finding colour to finding playmates. ABC’s Claire Shipman has the story.
For moms with young children, life can be stressful to say the least.
The kids. Kindergarten bake sale. Christmas lights. Birthday party.
I don't know how you do it.
It can also be lonely, isolating.  It's not easy to find other moms you connect with.
And to find people that I felt like I could relate with on a friend basis but also on parenting style, it's very difficult to do.  When you're not working, I mean, where do you go? You just meet someone at the grocery store? I mean, awkward.
Enter online match-making for moms. Allison Peterson and Ellie Dahl say was a lifeline.
When you have a website that works and asks the right questions, the questions people want to know the answers to, then you find the people you want to meet.
Both were transplants to Hall Massachusetts. Ellie from Florida, and Alison from Missouri. They say they were feeling stir crazy and lonely at home with their young kids. Meg Gerritson, also a mother of two, founded the site with two mom friends to combat the stress of old-fashioned mom dating, awkward approaches at playgrounds or gymboree classes.
That's what Mommeetmom does. It gives us the information we otherwise wouldn't have.
The site creates computer profiles based on location, number of kids, interests and priorities and then ideally finds great matches, relationships based on mothers who click, not just kids eager for playmates, a formula that Meg hopes can create lasting tribes and happy moms.

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