lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Paddleboarding Around New York City

1 What is most people's reactions when they see someone paddleboarding?
2 Where are usually the wind and the current when you are paddleboarding?
3 How physically demanding is paddleboarding?
4 What is the number one rule?
5 What is the movement of the board similar to?
6 What does the man compare paddleboarding at the end?

To check your answers, you can read the transcript below.

The looks you get from people as you are on your stand-up paddleboard and a hundred people come by. You see guys on the construction platforms like scratching their heads going… Hmmm what is that?
Sometimes you just have to work a little harder to get to that activity you want to do. But it all can happen, and with the sea paddle introduced people to hey, get on the water, it’s all the way around you. I mean, I come to the city and I literally put on my inflatable paddleboard, hop on my skateboard, go cross town, pump it up, put my board in the river, and I just go paddle and get my exercise and come back and deflate my board, get back on my skateboard and go cross town and go home. People are like what did you do?
You’re standing up, you’re able to look up at the buildings, the wind is at your back most of the time, the current is in your favour. What a better place for us to paddle, to reach out to all these people and these buildings?
To paddle right next to the FDR, you are like ‘oh gosh I’m always in the traffic’ and you’re blowing by it. Stand-up paddling is definitely a physical challenge in the conditions of padelling round New York City.
Number one rule, don’t fall. Keep your mouth closed.
You’re battling currents, tides.
Watch out for barges, watch out for submerged pilings.
Ferry boats.
Bars, trash. Can I keep going? You might consider it as… if you have a giant yoga ball, stand on it, ok? You’ve got all of that movement , all the balance required, the currents, the wind, the ripples. Core. Once you’ve combined all that is like walking on the street but building up to that level… if you play you pay, you know, you gotta learn how to fall. It’s like riding a bicycle, so what we are realistically doing is we are riding a bicycle three quarters of the way around Manhattan.