sábado, 8 de marzo de 2014

Reading test: Can baking make you happier?

Today's reading activity revolves around the topic of food and health, mental health. It is based on the BBC's article Can baking make you happier? by Farhana Dawood.

Read the article on the BBC's webpage and then answer the multiple choice questions below.

1 Comfort food…
a)    is a fashionable diet these days.
b)    cures depression.
c)    is supposed to be healing.

2 For John Whaite,…
a)    baking makes him more erratic.
b)    feeling in control is important.
c)    prescribed medication has been useful.

3 The Depressed Cake Shop…
a)    sells grey cakes in London.
b)    helped people with mental health problems.
c)    has its headquarters in Brick Lane.

4 Denyer...
a)    was a good cook when she fell ill.
b)    has feared for her life on occasion.
c)    found out what her illness was 15 years ago.

5 Which statement is correct, according to the text?
a)    The East London NHS Foundation Trust has published a book about healthy cooking.
b)    Mental illness increases the patient’s short memory.
c)    Baking has positive associations in our culture.

6 For Dr Cosmo Hallstrom...
a)    the therapeutical effects of baking are unknown.
b)    any structured non-stressful activity will cure depression.
c)    artists with mental health problems understand their condition better.

7 Which statement is correct, according to the text?
a)    Denyer finds sharing fulfilling.
b)    Baking might give you a sugar high.
c)    It’s not advisable to have sugar if a person has a depression.

Photo credit: BBC

1C 2B 3B 4B 5C 6A 7A