martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Madrid Teacher: Gossiping about the rich and famous

In our Madrid Teacher series it's gossiping time today. A group of Madrid teachers discuss Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and how difficult it is for the rich and famous to keep a private life.

As usual, their conversation is the perfect opportunity for us to pay attention to some of the features of spoken English and some of the strategies native speakers of English use in conversation.
  • Use of you know and well to gain thinking time.
  • Involving others in the conversation: Does anybody care?
  • Reacting to information we've just heard: Oh, really?; Oh.
  • Using vague language: Or something like that; kind of; like
  • Expressing agreement: Yeah; That's right.
  • Use of like as a linking word to introduce our ideas: Like, I think they also allow it 
  • Use of so as a linking word to introduce our ideas: so, secret romantic dinners...
Watch the video through and try to spot the above-mentioned features of spoken English.

Now it's over to you. What's the latest gossip about the celebs that you've heard about? How do you feel about the gutter press and gossip magazines informing about all these affairs? How would you stop it if you were famous? Try and use some of the features of spoken English when you answer the questions.

There’s a lot of fuss about Jennifer Aniston, no? The fact that she’s still single and she’s already 40, she hasn’t got any children, she’s, you know, Brad and her broke up and she’s not had a good relationship since. Does anybody care?
Not much to tell you the truth. Yeah, it’s just, well, well that’s true, that supposedly she broke up with Brad because she didn’t want kids and she wanted to get further in her career…
Oh, really?
And so, oh you didn’t know that one?
That’s the rumour.
No, I thought it was the other way around. I thought she wanted children and he didn’t. Strangely, he has now 7 and she doesn’t have any.
No, I think it was that way but, but she strongly denied that since I think.
And now she’d love a baby more than anything but, poor woman, she seems to find the worst men so…
Who was she going out with before? She was with Vincent Vaughan? Or something like that.
Yeah, yeah and then she was with that that John Myer.
Who is that, John Myer?
He’s a singer… and he’s, he’s well
What type of music does he sing?
Oh, he’s been in the charts, he’s, he’s like a singer/song writer with a guitar…
Kind of soppy…
Erm, folky.
Folky, soppy kind of music but he’s, he’s not, not too nice, I don’t think.
Is he good looking?
Yeah, he’s…
Ha, ha, ha.
He’s, he’s kind of hot.
Ha, ha, ha. We are talking show business, you know, ha, ha, ha.
Well, it didn’t last very long I guess.
No, I think it was a bit, a bit of a tumultuous relationship. But it’s so unfair the way all of their dirty laundry is aired…
…in all the magazines.
It’s incredible.
I would hate to be famous really for the same reasons, you know.
But look, there are some famous people you don’t hear anything about them. Like, I think they also allow it, like, I don’t know, like, if they didn’t want to be in the magazines…
Do you think so?
Well, I think they’d be able to sue the magazine or something and say I don’t wanna, you know… I don’t want this information to be in the magazine.
Yeah, which they do sometimes sue for incorrect information published.
Like apparently Brad and Angelina are suing a British tabloid called The News of the World, well. Not really one of the best, don’t know if you know of it, erm, for reporting that they were about to divorce, that they were splitting up.
And supposedly it’s a rumour…
So they say. I don’t know, it’s really difficult, like they say at home if it’s in The Sun it must be true and the same applies to The News of the World.
I think it’s true. I heard, erm, that Brad and Jennifer are having secret rendezvous so, secret romantic dinners so, you never know.
Like then other people say they’re just friends, you know, they’re just good friends like, like many exes who become friends afterwards.
I guess we’ll never really learn the truth.
Unless they get back together again and remarry in Hollywood and splash it all over OK again.
That’s right.