martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Madrid Teacher: Wacky Fashion Debates

A group of Madrid Teachers discuss fashion.

Have you seen the latest Paris fashion show photographs?
Yeah! I thought they were fabulous.
Didn’t you? Weren’t they wonderful?
Yeah, they were great.
These beautiful textures with flowing wool sweaters and scarves, I mean, these people were wrapped up almost like blankets but still managed to look elegant.
What did you think?
I… what is the point of these fashion shows, you know, come on they have these most ridiculous clothes, things that no one's ever gonna wear. What's the point of it, who are they making them for?
I think these people are like dressing up like peacocks to attract the opposite sex, you know, there is lots there…it’s the.
Okay. These fashion shows are all about spectacle and all about art, it’s all about fantasy.
I don't think the designers do it because they’re suggesting we wear those things, but it’s, it’s something to aspire you.
But they are in business, right, They’re selling…
They do, they sell the clothes, I mean, I think they actually make some of those things and people buy them. I mean, who buys them? This like I heard about human hair dresses and gold-plated jeans, iron clothes…
Gas masks!
Well, these, these are the extremes of the spectrum, I mean, what the great companies do, the ones that are able to maintain their businesses, they achieve a unified aesthetic and use the catwalk for their extremes and then filter those textures and patterns and ideas down to what they actually sell on the racks.
Yeah, and so their ready-to-wear collections are much more accessible for people, not so expensive, and a bit more tame.
Something that won’t start a car accident.
And who actually wears this and where do they wear this?
I would imagine that a lot of people wear it and when they want to see and be seen.
Okay, some of those parties and things like that, night life.
Parties, the streets…
Some of these wacky fashions do, you know, you do see some people wearing them like that mankini thing that Borat wore in his film.
I can’t say I’ve ever seen one of those.
No, but I’ve seen him on television, I saw there was a report, you know, beach wear in, I don’t know, maybe it was Rio or somewhere… and there was some people wearing those things, yeah.
But I don’t think they are Channel or anything like that.
No, but I think there was one fashion house that had taken on the mankini and developed it to be sold, you know, some of these fashion do get worn by people, I guess people wanna get attention and draw attention to themselves, that type of person, I suppose. But then the fashion world has got the whole, the whole thing of models and the whole controversy around, you know, thin models and things like that.
I think the ultimate of fashion is a Ferrari. You’ve got to have… you’ve got to wear a Ferrari…
That’s got nothing to do with fashion!
I think it is fashion, it’s the whole peacock effect, [it’s a man’s man] it’s dressing up, yeah. You’re really dressed to kill with a Ferrari.
Yeah, but…
See, you’re stumbling upon something here, it’s the idea of a unified aesthetic. It’s not just some funky hat or something like that. It’s a colour or a pattern that is repeated and then maybe that goes along with the car that you drive and then…
… your key fob repeats it too.
I mean, that’s the idea of fashion. You make a style that almost surrounds you…
… and people look and go damn!!.
Yeah, yeah.
It’s all about personal expression, actually, expressing your identity and who you want to be [Absolutely.] and…, but I think the Ferrari is much more pretentious than fashion.
Yeah, yeah.
I wouldn’t mind being pretentious.
That’s right everything else…