jueves, 2 de abril de 2015


If you are fed up with being bombarded with untimely telephone calls offering you all sorts of services, listen to Paul Hockman's suggestion on how to fight them.

Self-study activity:
Complete the blanks in the transcript by providing the missing words.

Hi, I'm Paul Hockman for Nomorobo. Privacy fans cover your ears. I'm about to say a dirty word, robocalls. You know, (1) ... phone calls that invade your space, interrupt your (2) ... , offer you free trips to wherever, mostly illegal (3) ... and all annoying. They even ignore the do not call list. To the rescue, Nomorobo, a free, easy to (4) ...   ...  service that won the FTC's Robocall Challenge, identifies robocalls and answers them so they don't get through to you. How? By using a (5) ... called simultaneous ring. Nomorobo instantly checks to see if an (6) ... number is a known robocaller. If so, Nomorobo answers and your phone stops ringing fast. Legitimate (7) ... calls like school closing notifications are still allowed.
Best of all, when you use Nomorobo you help stop robocalling for everyone because you help Nomorobo see when one robocaller is (8) ... thousands of people. So Nomorobo can (9) ... them fast. It's completely free for consumers. If you ever wanna cancel it's as easy as one click to (10) ...  ...  ... . To find out more and see if your carrier (11) ... Nomorobo, go to Nomorobo dot com and click get started now. I'm Paul Hockman for Nomorobo.

1 recorded 2 dinners 3 scams 4 set up 5 feature 6 incoming 7 automated 8 dialling 9 blacklist 10 turn it off 11 supports