miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Talking point: Going out

This week's talking point is going out. Before getting together with the members of your conversation group, go over the questions below, so that ideas flow more easily and you can work out vocabulary problems beforehand.
  • How often do you go to the cinema / art exhibitions / the theatre?
  • When did you last go to see a film / an exhibition / a play?
  • What kind of films / art / theatre do you like?
  • Are there any films / exhibitions / plays on at the moment that you would like to see?
  • What's on in your town or city at the moment?
  • What's nightlife in your town or city like?
  • How does it compare with the nightlife in other cities you know?
  • Have you been out anywhere recently?
  • Where did you go?
  • How was it?
  • Think about clubs, films, plays, exhibitions you think are great, overrated, moving, trendy, rubbish, weird. Tell your partners about them using the adjectives given.
To illustrate the point you can watch the Speakout video Time Out.

    What do you like doing in your free time?
    Finn: I like playing music and going to concerts in my free time. This weekend I’m going to a bar in North London to see my friend’s band. What do you like doing in your free time?
    M1: I like to keep fit. I like to be very active. I like to do a lot of sport. I also like to see a lot of friends. I like to go to the theatre. I like to go and see plays.
    W1: I like to read, books about … crime novels, for example. And I like to go running. And obviously I can’t run when I am at work. In my free time, I like to do some exercise.
    M2: I have two small children so I don’t have much free time. But seeing friends is one of my great pleasures. I have some friends, we play music together. We’re in a band.
    M3: I like coming up here to London to see galleries and theatres, and things like that. I like eating and drinking a lot. Sometimes in restaurants, and sometimes, either having friends around for that, or going to other people’s houses.
    W2: I enjoy jazz so I quite like having friends around to listen to the.. to listen to some jazz or go out to a jazz club
    W3: I like to do many things in my free time. I love to read, I love to study different things. I’m studying oil painting and different languages now.
    M4: I enjoy reading. I enjoy playing the guitar. I also enjoy creative writing - and watching films.
    Finn: What are you going to do this weekend?
    M2: This weekend, there is a large camping trip of all my son’s school friends. And we’re all going off camping, which is going to be very interesting.
    W1: This weekend I’m going to run a half marathon in Nottingham for the Robin Hood festival and raising money for a charity.
    M4: I’m going to relax as much as possible after quite a hard week, and a stressful week. So I’m going to possibly watch a film and do very little.
    W3: This weekend I’m going to try to relax a little. I just completed a long trip.
    W2: This weekend I’m going to take my son to football. He plays in a local football team.
    M3: This weekend I’m going to see some friends on Saturday night, and have dinner at their house. And then I’m going to be welcoming some friends at our house on Sunday night.
    M1: I have a friend, who … it’s her birthday. And I’m going to go to the birthday party on Saturday. And then on Sunday I’m going to go to a barbecue.