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Reading test: Where would you be happiest living?

The BBC conducted a study which included a personality test to find out where in Britain people would be happiest living. Many readers emailed their thoughts about the places suggested.

Read comments 1-6 and match them with their corresponding heading A-I. There are two headings you do not need to use. 0 is an example.

Comment 0
Interesting that it would send me to south Cambridgeshire where my ancestors appear to come from. My surname is quite common there. Not sure I would choose to live there. I prefer a small village on the edge of a vibrant town and only 10 minutes to John Lewis. Maggie.

Comment 1
It was recommended that I live in west Somerset, I actually live in west Essex. It's really interesting that the test came up with Somerset, I've been there several times for holidays and really love it. I've never really understood why, I just thought the people were generally much nicer, but it makes sense that they are people who fit well with my personality. Jo.

Comment 2
Dumfries and Galloway? What! Nothing against the area, but why on earth would I enjoy it more than my beloved Oxford and the Cotswolds? Maybe there is too much weight given to the starter picture, as the cityscape and suburbia weren't exactly appealing shots. My Cotswold market town is pretty well ideal, small enough to walk or cycle in and out, plus a good choice of shops, eateries, and things to do. If I need something more, then Oxford and other centres are in easy reach, with travel options that include public transport, as well as motorway and airports in easy reach. David.

Comment 3
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the part of the country which best fits my personality, according to the questionnaire result, was Craven in Yorkshire . Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised since it is where my mother and maternal grandparents come from - Skipton and Thornton in Craven. I was also born within 15 miles of there. Michael.

Comment 4
I'm a creative and reserved person, but I LOVE the area I live in. My score was of only 28% happiness for Norwich, but I've found it's a wonderful place for creativity and also peace and quiet. My best result was for an area of London, a city I cannot stand! Perhaps this test needs to take into account other factors - such as whether you prefer secluded countryside or a bustling city. Emma.

Comment 5
It does confirm my experience, having lived a number of years each in London, the Midlands, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth. I am French, from Paris and came over to live in Britain early 1970s. I return to France a couple of times a year and am always pleased to escape the unpleasant social atmosphere of the country. I guess I would say that the Scots display, in general, a higher level of social consciousness. Lise.

Comment 6
I answered the questions honestly and it comes up with my exact place of birth - Northallerton in Hambleton, north Yorkshire. I grew up there as a child. We had to leave in 1973, when I was 16, and I still miss it like mad. Judy.

A - Many members of this person's family have lived there. 0 Example
B - The person knows this place. 
C - This person has bad memories of the place.
D - This person has lived near the place. 
E - This person has problems as a result of the test.
F - This person is happy where he/she is.
G - This person seems to agree with the test.
H - This person thinks the results of the study are not consistent.
I - This person was born there.

Photo: BBC

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