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Reading test: Why strenuous runs may not be so bad for you after all

Some weeks ago  the BBC Magazine published the article Why strenuous runs may not be so bad for you after all, about a recent study which reported that joggers who exercise strenuously have the same life expectancy as people who do barely any exercise at all. The controversy has arisen because the author has now admitted he hasn't actually proved this.

Read the text by clicking on the link above and choose the option A, B or C which best completes each sentence, 0 is an example.

0  A lot of newspapers around the world
    a) informed about a study whose conclusions haven’t been proved.
    b) published false news on the effect of strenuous running.
    c) took part in the study on the effect of strenuous running.

1  The problem with the study was
    a) an incorrect definition of strenuous joggers.
    b) it was not known how the two joggers had died.
    c) the number of strenuous joggers studied was insufficient.

2  Peter Schnohr
    a) claims they have discovered where the mistake is.  
     b) knew the study was wrong from the very beginning.
    c) says experienced readers could have noticed where the problem was.

3  In Alicia White’s opinion journalists
    a) don’t have the knowledge to interpret scientific data.
    b) received the information in a fragmented way.
    c) took it for granted that the study was properly done.

4  The Journal of the American College of Cardiology
    a) supports the newspapers.
    b) supports the study.
    c) wrote the misleading headline.

5  Peter Schnohr
    a) is sorry about the controversial headlines.  
    b) says strenuous jogging shouldn’t have been part of the study.
    c) thinks people will continue jogging.

6  Deaths in marathons
    a) can be eradicated.
    b) occur regularly.
    c) would totally be prevented with regular check-ups.

7  Schnohr
    a) advises people against running marathons.
    b) advises people to do exercise moderately.  
    c) advises people to run a marathon every other year.

 Photo: BBC.com

1C 2C 3C 4B 5C 6B 7B