lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

Holiday Misgivings

A few days back Jeffrey Hill published this interesting infographics about the true nature of gifts in this gift-giving time of the year.

I quote Jeffrey: "How much money is lost in gift cards each year? How often are gifts regifted, returned or left unopened? Whose gifts are valued the most? Group payment system WePay has put together the infographic above to illustrate the answer to those and several other questions pertaining to holiday gift-gifting."

He also explains the word misgivings:

"The infographic title features a play on the word 'misgiving'. If you have misgivings about something that is being suggested or done, you feel that it is not quite right, and are worried that it may have unwanted results. And there's the idea of mis-giving, i.e., making a mistake when giving a gift (though this is not an actual verb)."