jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

Tree in New York

Self-study activity:
Watch this video clip about a Christmas tree which has been put up in New York and complete the gaps in the transcript below.

Once again, the video offers a great opportunity for lower level students to do listening comprehension activities with authentic materials.

In New York’s Rockefeller Center, sounds of the season. This is the base of the (1)_____-ton, (2)_____-foot-tall (3)_____ spruce that will soon delight scores of holiday visitors in New York. The tree is from a family in New Jersey, growing outdoors since (4)_____ - its arrival's drawing the curious as workers started the slow job to stand it up.
This is wonderful. I am thrilled to be here to watch this.
With ropes, a crane, and some muscle, the tree is moved into place, and decorators start to dream about turning bare (5)_____ into holiday (6)_____.
Lee Powell, The Associated Press

1. eight; 2. seventy-two; 3. Norway; 4. 1931; 5. branches; 6. wonder