miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Teach Parents Tech

Google has launched a new site today, TeachParentsTech.org, with the aim to help those members of the family who find it harder to understand the new technology come to terms with it.

The site lets you send a sarcastic email to the person in your family you think needs extra help with basic tech tasks, along with a link to watch the video you have chosen.

For English students the site offers 50+ one-minute videos in English that is within the grasp of Básico 2 students. To top it all, all the videos are subtitled.

Self-study activity:
Choose one video of your liking and watch it without subtitles. Watch it for a second time with the subtitles on to check your comprehension and deal with any difficulties.

As an example, here it is how to set up an email auto-responder.