viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010


With Christmas around the corner it is difficult to imagine that some other cultures are going to celebrate these days differently.

Watch this short video from Geobeats where the history of Kwanzaa is illustrated. The video is suitable for lower level learners. Even Básico 1 students can have a go at it, as some of the vocabulary is displayed on the screen.

Here it is the full script of the narration.

The celebrations of Kwanzaa are relatively recent.
The holiday was founded in 1966 as an African equivalent to Christmas and Hanukkah.
There are many different reasons for celebration incorporated into this holiday.
Reconnecting the life, community and culture are a large part of what this holiday embodies.
Freedom, Justice and Equality also play an enormous role in the meaning behind the festivities.
The holiday lasts one week and is celebrated between December 26 and January 1st.
The actual celebration include lighting candles on the kinara, feast, gift giving and traditional African dress.
The central meaning behind Kwanzaa is to reconnect to one’s African roots and meditate on the world and joys of life.
Appropriately the official greeting of this festive holiday is “joyous Kwanzaa!“

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