jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

The year in review

Amazing interactive review of 2010 by The Guardian. You have the choice of viewing the events month by month or day by day. You also have the option to build your own review of the year by adding a story per month. When you click on any event, it allows you to see a short summary of it or, if you hit the space bar, the story unfolds to the full and you can read a whole article about it.

Self-study activity:
Get together with an English-speaking friend and roll over the mouse on some of the news stories. What do you know about them? If you need some reminder, click on the news item to read a short summary. Do you remember the news now? Can you expand on it? If necessary, hit the space bar and let the full article come up on your screen.

You can also create a customised review of the year, as many of the most outstanding news in Spain do not turn up on this interactive.

All in all, lots of oral and reading practice for you.

Many thanks to Jeffrey Hill for this link.