sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Books everyone must read

Books everyone must read is a list compiled by The Guardian after putting together the results of some surveys on reading habits. Here they explain the way they came up with the final list.

The wordcloud makes for a nice speaking session about our reading tastes and habits.

Self-study activity:
Get together with an English-speaking friend or relative and go over the titles in The Guardian list. How many books have you read? Which is your favourite? Which one have you always wanted to read but haven't got round to it?

Then, discuss the questions below about your reading habits.

Which is the last book you have read?
Do you always read in Spanish or do you also read in other languages?
Which book stands out in your memory?
Do you read the classics? / Have you ever read the classics?
Where do you usually read at home?
Which book(s) do you have on your bedside table?
Do you ever read non-fiction books?
When did you last read poetry?
Do you underline books? How?
Do you write quotations from books?
Do you read aloud, in silence, with background music?
Have you ever re-read any books?
How do you order the books you keep at home? Which criterion do you keep to?
How many books do you have at home?
What do you do to get rid of books?
How much do you spend on books every month?
Do you buy electronic books?
Do you lend / borrow books?
Do you like giving books as a present?
Are you a member of a library or book club?
How often do you go to the school library?

H/T to Larry Ferlazzo.