sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

Checking out of a hotel

To complete this short series about hotel videos for Básico 1 students, here you have two more clips.

Self-study actvity:
Watch the videos below and complete the gaps with only one word.

-This is the front desk. How can I help you?
-We are having some problems in room 321. Can you send someone up right away?
-Certainly. What seems to be the problem?
-Well… my sister spilled some (1) ... on the bed sheets.
-Oh, dear, we’ll send a maid up with fresh linen as soon as possible.
-Well, my sister tried to clean the sheets but the (2) ... wouldn’t stop. Now there’s (2) ... everywhere.
-Oh, no. We’ll send a janitor and a plumber too.
-And then my sister slipped on a wet tile and (3) ... a toe.
-Oh, we’ll also send a (4) ... .
-What’s the matter?
-And send an (5) ... as well. The (6) ... just went out.

-Hello! What can I do for you?
-We’d like to check out of our room. Here are the (7) ... . It’s room number three two one.
-Did you take anything from the (8) ... ?
-Yes, we had two colas. We also ordered (9) ... once.
-Ok. Your five night total comes to (10) ... dollars. Are you paying by (11) ... or credit card?
-Credit card. Here you are. Oh, and can you call an airport (12) ... for us?
-I’ll do that right away. Please sign on the dotted line.
-You bought so much. We can barely carry it all. I’m glad they lost my (13) ... .
-Oh, and I almost forgot. Miss Lee someone dropped this off for you this morning.
-What! Hey! That’s my (14) ... !

1 juice 2 water 3 hurt 4 doctor 5 electrician 6 lights 7 keys 8 refrigerator 9 room service 10 three hundred and ten 11 cash 12 taxi 13 suitcases 14 luggage