jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Earth Hour TV clip

This is another promotional video for Earth Hour, which was celebrated on March 26th. The person on the video has an Australian accent we are not familiar with in this part of the world, but I think lower level students can give it a go with a dictation-like activity.

Self-study activity:
Watch this one-minute clip and complete the blanks in the transcript with the missing word.

One (1) ... has the power to make change, but when we all come (2) ..., we can change the (3) ...  . It starts on March 26th when we (4) ... off our lights for Earth Hour and send a powerful message of hope. Now imagine (5) ... we could achieve if we go beyond the hour. If we all (6) ... action in our daily (7) ..., we can make our (8) ... a better place. (9) ... our actions add up. On March 26th, (10) ... off your lights for Earth Hour.

1 person 2 together 3 world 4 turn 5 what 6 take 7 lives 8 world 9 Together 10 turn