martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Have you ever had dancing lessons?

Have you ever had any dancing lessons?
When do you dance now?
How does dancing make you feel?
Have you ever been jealous?
If you had three wishes, what would they be?
What’s your ideal date?

These are all the questions that Londoners are asked in the new BBC Learn English course English Express. A new one-minute video about a different topic is published every week. So far there are four videos in the collection about dancing, jealosy, three wishes you may have and your ideal date.

There's also some reading matter, as the videos are accompanied by some facts, cultural tips and language tips.

Self-study idea:
Get together with an English-speaking friend or relative and get to answer the questions before you listen to the opinions in the videos.

After listening, answer the questions again trying to use some of the expressions you have just heard.

H/T to Jeffrey Hill.

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