lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Google Art Project

Google Art Project allows us to explore museums around the world and discover their most relevant works of art.

This way art is more accessible to everyone and we can admire more than 1,000 works by over 400 artists in 17 of the most outstanding museums around the world.

Google Art Project has integrated technology like Picassa and Street View to make this project possible.

We can zoom in to admire the artists' work in detail, we can explore the inside of museums, and we can build our own personalised collections.

So what does Google Art Project have in store for the English language learner? Well, basically we can develop our reading skills and improve our (are-related) vocabulary by reading all the captions about the different works of art.

If we click on the 'Visitor guide' we can watch a short video where the project is explained in English with subtitles available.

You can also use it to develop your oral skills by putting into practise the ideas suggested in the entry Art attack on this blog.