lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Art attack

Art attack is a beautiful slideshow by DDeubel. You are presented with a number of famous paintings and you have to name the artist and the title.

Self-study activity:
Why don't you use the pictures in the slideshow to develop your oral ability? Get together with an English-speaking friend or relative to talk about the paintings. Pause the slideshow whenever you come across a painting that you like and give your opinion about it, say why you like it and describe it.

If there are people in the painting, decide a) who they are; b) their relationship with one another; c) what their relationship with the painter is.

If the painting or picture shows a location, imagine a) where it is; b) when it was painted or photographed.

Think about what happened a) before the scene in the painting or picture; b) in the moment that the painting or picture captures; c) after the scene in the painting or picture.

You can use these expressions:
This picture shows…
In this picture there is…
This picture is about (what + where)
In the [top/bottom] right/left corner I can see…
In the foreground / middle / background I can see …
On the left / right of the picture I can see…

If you want to sound like an art critic, you can use some of these expressions, replacing the words in capital with your own ideas:
This painting obviously symbolises the artist’s attitude towards’ LOVE.
Clearly this one was painted in the artist’s BLUE period.
It’s so EXPRESSIVE, so full of emotion.
This one really captures the essential nature of TIME, don’t you think?
The artist was obviously DEEPLY IMPRESSED when he painted this one.
Like all great art, this picture SAYS SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE.
Don’t you just love the IRONY in this one?
COLOUR here is used to express INNER FEELINGS.