jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

The Seven Secrets of Successful Language Learning

The linguist Steve Kaufmann, founder of Lingq has recently published on his blog The Linguist on Language seven short videos with advice on how to best learn a foreign language.

The tips he offers can open up new roads for some learners about the strategies to take when studying a language.

Self-study activity:
Before watching the first video, put in the time, let's have a prediction activity. If possible, get together with an English-speaking friend or relative and try to guess what Steve will be saying about the following:

- Time we should spend with the language every day.
- How long it takes to learn a language.
- What can you do to learn a language outside the class?
- Does classroom time matter when learning a language?

Now watch the video and find out what Steve has to say. The video only takes four minutes, and Steve's accent is really easy to understand, not to mention the fact that he repeats the information over and over again.

The other six videos on the series are:
Tip nº 2: Do what you like to do.
Tip nº 3: Learn to notice.
Tip nº 4: Words over grammar.
Tip nº 5: Be patient.
Tip nº 6: Get the tools.
Tip nº 7: Become an independent learner.

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