domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

The force be with you commercial

Self-study activity:
Watch the ad but pause it at around second 36, when the father arrives home and the child runs past him. Predict what's going to happen next. Then play the ad on to check.

Now try and retell the ad in your own words. How many things can you remember?

As a follow-up to the activity before, here are all the actions that we can see in the ad. Can you put them in the correct order from memory?

The boy used “the force” on the car.
He tried to make the doll come to life
The mother and father smiled.
His mother gave him a sandwich.
The boy tried to start the treadmill.
The car started on its own.
The force worked!
The boy’s father arrived home.
The boy walked down the hallway.
The boy went to the laundry room.
The boy was in the livingroom with the dog.

Here's the key to the activity.

As you can see, there are a lot of regular verbs in these sentences. Why don't you practise reading them aloud? You can revise how to pronounce the regular verbs on this entry:

H/T to DDeubel for both the video and the activity.