viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Elevator rules

How many times have you used a lift (British English) or an elavator (American English) in your life?
How often have you shared the lift or elevator with someone?
How many times have you had conversations with strangers in lifts or elevators?
What did you talk about?
How often have you been staring at the elevator ceiling or floor because you were absolutely uncomfortable in the lift with a complete stranger and you didn't know how to behave?
How many times have you preferred to walk up the stairs because you didn't want to share the lift with anyone?

If you identify yourself in some of the questions above, Elevator Rules is the right guide for you. Visit this website and learn how to behave and what to say in a lift.

Elevator Rules  offers twenty sound pieces of advice and is a short fun read to practise English with.