lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011


Self-study activity:
Watch the opening scenes of the film Couples Retreat. How many of the activities can you name in English?

The clip belongs in a Russian blog and we can hear some voice-over comments in that language, but we shouldn't bother about that, as we still manage to hear the background music perfectly and the quality of the clip is really good.

Now, if possible, get together with an English-speaking friend or relative. If not, you can do the activity on your own.

How often do you do the activities below?

They are most of the activities that appear in the Couples Retreat clip.
Answer with adverbs of indefinite frequency (never, always, sometimes, rarely) or definitive frequency (once a week, twice a month, three times a year, every day).

I never ride a bike.
I kiss my children every day.

How often do you...

use your car?
kiss your partner or family?
go for a walk in the park?
ride your bike?
play games with your partner or family?
set the table or do housework?
give your partner flowers?
go late for work / school?
argue with your partner or your family?
vacuum the house?
go to parties?
go to the disco?
go jogging?
work out at the gym?
go to the beach?
take part in competitions?
hug your partner or your family?
take photographs?

This activity derives from one on the great Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals.