domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Human planet

Ever since I started this blog I have tried to balance all my entries so that there's a little bit for everyone every day in the That's English! spectrum.

I was wondering what to include today to cater for Básico (elementary) students when I came across this BBC Human Planet video through DDeubel.

At this stage I feel it's far better than I say nothing else to let you watch this three-minute clip.

So apart from admiring the striking beauty of the clip, what is there to our English here?

Self-study activity:
Get together with an English speaking friend or relative and do a memory test. What can you remember from the video clip?

Students at different levels will be able to answer the question with a varying degree of depth, as in the picture above:
Two people are riding their horses. They have a bird each. (Básico)
Two riders are galloping across a snowy plain. They seem to be hunters, as each is holding an eagle. (Intermediate)

As a follow-up, after checking your answers, you can go over the clip again and freeze the video to try and describe each of the scenes as accurately as possible.