viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Pure chocolate

Self-study activity:
Watch this short video clip on a recent ruling by EU courts and complete the blanks in the transcript with just one word.

Is there such a thing as pure chocolate? Not according to the European Court of Justice which has ruled (1) ______ Italy in an ongoing dispute over the labeling of chocolate. According to the (2) ______ , the label should state whether the chocolate contains just cocoa (3) ______ , the traditional practice in countries like Italy, Belgium, and others or if it includes additional vegetable (4) ______ – often the case in places like Britain. But the (5) ______ determined the phrase “pure chocolate”, permitted under Italian Law, is a no-no, not conforming with (6) ______ EU rules on the subject, which had been enacted after a lively (7) ______ . Chocolate fans like Gustavo in Rome see nothing wrong in making the distinction.

The taste is more intense when there is pure cocoa and natural fats. You taste the difference.

But an EU spokesman welcomed the ruling, saying the bloc’s guidelines create a fair (8) ______ between Europe’s two chocolate cultures.

1. against 2. judges 3. butter 4. fats 5. judges 6. 1999 7. debate 8. balance