miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Ten myths about job interviews.

This is a very interesting article from the CNN economic programme CNN Money and deals with assumptions we take for granted at job interviews. They mention the following:

1. The most qualified person gets the job.
2. If you are invited to an interview, that means the job is still open.
3. When asked how you see yourself in five years, you should show tremendous ambition.
4. If you've got great qualifications, your appearance doesn't matter.
5. You should always keep your answers short.
6. There's a right answer to every question an interviewer asks.
7. Interviewers' expect you to hand over references immediately.
8. It's only polite to accept an interviewer's offer of refreshment.
9. Most interviewers have been trained to conduct job interviews.
10. The interviewer is prepared.

You can also watch this embedded video on the importance of business etiquette.