viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Going Golfing

Going golfing is a hilarious ad by FedEx, a logistics services company based in the US.

Self-study activity:
This is the one-sided part of the telephone conversation that the PA holds with her boss.

Before watching the ad, try to put the lines in the correct order.

And you’ll be stopping in to pick it up.
Absolutely. I’ll have them conference you away from home.
Oh, you’ll stop in tomorrow.
Oh, hello Mr Delaney, you’re not feeling well?
Mr Delaney’s office.
Yes, I can have it ready for you.
I’m sorry.
Ok, feel better, Mr Delaney.
And what about the big presentation today at two o’clock?

Now watch the ad and check whether you got the order right.

You may have to watch it straight from YouTube if you have problems with the sound.