sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

Building your vocabulary while reading the news

In May this year, Nik Peachy posted an entry on his blog Nik's Daily English Actitivies in which he let us know about Knowble, "a website which can help you speed up [the reading] process and also provide you with interesting reading materials at a level which is appropriate for you."

Nik explains very clearly how to go about using Knowble. I'm just giving a few guidelines of the process here, but you'd better reading Nik's post for a more detailed explanation.
  • Go to knowble and sign up.
  • Choose a username and provide the few details you are asked for.
  • Click on 'Start knowble'.
  • Do the 40-question test to find your level, so that the site offers you texts at your level.
  • knowble will give you a choice of texts for you to choose from in five different categories: World, Business, Entertainment, Sport, Science.
  • Click on the article of your interest. You can find out the meaning of the highlighted words by double-clicking on them.
  • On the right hand side, you can also do a fill-in the blanks exercise in which you have to use some of the highlighted words in the article.