lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Supermodel at 85

Former Vogue model Daphne Selfe has been modelling for longer that she can remember, although at 85 she is busier than ever.

Self-study activity:
Watch the video and say whether the statements below are true or false.

The activity is suitable for intermediate students.

1 Younger models help Daphne.
2 Daphne is shorter than the conventional model.
3 Daphne has always been a fashion model.
4 Today's women are under a lot of pressure to look beautiful.
5 Today's fashion is helping young people to make them feel good with themselves.
6 Daphne likes grey a lot.
7 Daphne's mum was 95 when she died.

At 85 model Daphne Selfe is landing major contracts. In fact, she’s busier now than she was in her 20’s.
Going modelling now it’s wonderful because I meet lots of other young people and I can get tips of them on how they sort of get around and I travel a lot and see lots of different places and things. How else could you do that? This girl here was so gorgeous but see how outdoorsy she is compared to me.
Yeah, because you are not exactly model tall, really?
Five seven and a half when I was young, now I reckon I’ve lost two inches at least… as you’ll do. Wait for it, yeah.
Oh, thanks, but getting old is a bit depressing though, isn’t it? I mean, you know, you look back on your youth and what you had…
…and if you’re restoring houses or something, you always try to make it look better…
…but with your body you can kind of slowly see it get older. 
Oh, yes, I don’t do nude anymore. I used to be an artist model but I don’t think anyone wanting me to do that anymore. That was around, you know, no underwear…
Ah… looking good.
…but that was the first thing that got me in… I started in Vogue. No, never done it since, so start at the top, you know.
Absolutely. It looks like you’ve got buns of steel there, it is amazing at seventy. Pretty good time.
That was seventy, yes. I mean…
But there’s so much pressure, isn’t it, to look good… all of the time and…
Yes, there is.
Do you feel sorry for the younger generations?
Well, that’s the thing, yes. I don’t think fashion is helping them at the moment, I don’t really appreciate what people are doing themselves at the moment. The fashion is not pretty or doing people any favours.
Not particularly flattering.
I think they did give me that dress, after I got that.
That’s a gorgeous dress, isn’t it?
It’s not my colour, it’s a bit grey, but, however, they did.
You look great in anything.
And now I’m disgusting.
Yeah, you’re disgusting, it’s just so not fair! Can you see that there’ll be an end?
Oh, yes. I mean, I must come to an end soon, shortly. As for shortly, my mother lived to ninety-five, so I’ve got hopes of keeping on a bit longer, whether I should be able to work or not, you just don’t know. Make every day count because you never know, you never know.

1T 2T 3F 4T 5F 6F 7T