domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

Extensive listening: Modern-day Robin Hood

In May this year CBS's 60 Minutes aired the segment Modern-day Robin Hood, featuring billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and his Robin Hood Foundation.

This is the beginning of the interview to Paul Tudor Jones in the programme.

"Ask Wall Street bankers the net worth of Paul Tudor Jones, and they'll tell you, $3.6 billion. He's one of those hedge fund managers. But ask a homeless child or a struggling family and they'll tell you that a spreadsheet is no way to measure a man.

Paul Tudor Jones wonders that if billionaires, like him, are such geniuses, then why do nearly two million people live in poverty in New York City alone? In 1988, he started a charity called the Robin Hood Foundation. Twenty five years later, Robin Hood has given away more than one and a quarter billion dollars. As we first showed you in April, it's become the city's largest private backer of charter schools, job training and food programs. Tudor Jones has learned hard lessons -- for a latter day Robin Hood, it turns out giving to the poor is harder than he thought. And as for taking from the rich? Well, he finds it's best to distract them."

Watch the thirteen-minute report now. Remember that if you want to fully understand everything that is being said you can activate the CC subtitles on the lower side of the video player or read the transcript here.