viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

'Monkey Christ' fresco boosts tourism

A Spanish fresco became famous around the world in summer last year after its poor restoration by an elderly local. Ecce Homo earned the nickname 'Monkey Christ' after Cecilia Gimenez attempted to restore it. The story goes on one year later.

Self-study activity:

Watch this short BBC video and fill in the blanks in the transcript with the missing words.

The activity is suitable for Básico 2 and Intermedio 1 students.

An (1) .... mistake. This 19th century fresco depicting Jesus Christ adorned the walls of a church in a small Spanish town for almost a century. But then, parishioner Cecilia Jiménez decided to get her (2) ... out. Her attempt to a restoration was so bad, it stunned Spanish culture officials, made (3) ... around the world and devastated the artist. Then people began flocking to the church near Zaragoza in Northeast Spain, leading the council to think the painting merited an (4) ...   ... of one euro.
Suddenly, Mrs Jiménez is on the (5) ... for all the right reasons, more than 40,000 visitors and more than 50,000€ (6) ... for a local charity. Even her skills as an artist are being admired here at her own exhibition in the town.
We’ve had a complicated year, we are under pressure from many people. It was a (7) ... year for Cecilia and also for the (8) ... , but well, in the end time puts everything in its place, and today it’s a day of happiness, a day to be enjoyed.
And enjoy it, she will.
I’m happy because my neighbours are being nice to me, she says. There are people who have (9) ... me a lot. I’m very happy because of that.
The amateur artist is signing a (10) ... with the local council to share profits from merchandise (11) ... the botched image. As for the fresco, officials now say it’s not possible to restore the painting’s original look, so the more famous if less beautiful version remains seem to be available on (12) ... , postcards and cigarette (13) ... .
Emily Thomas. BBC News.

1 unforgettable  2 paintbrush 3 headlines  4 entrance fee 5 spotlight 6 raised 7  tough 8  foundation 9 supported 10 deal 11 featuring 12 plates 13 lighters