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Reading test: Ryanair stories

In today's reading activity we are going to do a multiple matching activity. We are going to read a number of comments by Ryanair users in which they express their opinions about the airline. You have to match the comments with the heading that best reflects each opinion. Each heading can only be used once, and there is one heading that you do not need to use. Comment 0 is an example.

Heading A: They draw the line of saving costs at the most important thing
Heading B: Depends on your personal situation
Heading C: Some strings attached  (=hidden demands)
Heading D: Felt like cattle
Heading E: Air travel is never easy
Heading F: Not good value for my money
Heading G: You get what you pay for
Heading H: Simply careless travellers
Heading I: Left to yourself
Comment 0 (example): Heading I
Flew with Ryanair to Bratislava two years ago for a week's walking holiday, bags lost for five out of seven days, ruined holiday, had to buy all new items, took me six months to get any money out of them and no apology - will not recommend them to anyone
Paul Chappell, Milton Keynes

Comment 1
I cannot understand the media's obsession with Ryanair, no one is forced to fly with them. There are plenty of alternative (and more expensive airlines) to choose from. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it is a low fares airline.
Sean Murphy, Holywood, Northern Ireland 

Comment 2
Mr White missed a few of the airline's more insidious tricks, which those of us who use it frequently know about, such as its new bag weigh-ins at the boarding gate, after they've bought duty free (which in many cases will have taken them over the 10kg baggage allowance). Ryanair introduced this last-minute shake-down this summer, weighing bags before boarding and forcing people to pay £40 penalty to check their bags into the hold if duty free had taken them over the allowance. And in the event of double bookings, they wait until an hour or two before check-in for the flight closes to send an e-mail alerting the customer to that fact - by which time it is too late to do anything about it or claim a refund. I have reported Ryanair to Trading Standards for this and was told that it is illegal as they have a duty to provide services with due care and attention.
Kate, France 

Comment 3
While I admire Michael O'Leary and detest (some of) his attitude equally, the thing that re-assures me about Ryanair is O'Leary's admission that the only thing that keeps him awake at night is safety. It has also been stated that it is the only area where he refuses to cut costs. I hope this is true.
Bradley Hardacre, Dublin, Ireland 

Comment 4
Well I'm definitely in the 'I hate Ryanair' camp. And the idea that they're cheap just doesn't add up. If like me you book a business flight with maybe 3 days notice then they're often one of the more expensive by the time you add all their hidden charges. Given the choice I'd rather fly say British Airways, and pay the extra £20 or so and have a nice comfortable flight with a coffee and a seat I can actually fit in (I'm 6'4") rather than the 'Sit down and SHUT UP' attitude I often suffered with Ryanair.
Phil Mudge, Cambridge

Comment 5
I used to prefer Ryanair to Easyjet but now they charge you for every little thing I've given up on them, it’s all very well for single people who can fit 2 weeks worth of clothes into a small bag but for someone with a toddler the fees rack up mighty quick until British airways becomes the cheaper option!
Katharine, Leicester

Comment 6
I have flown with Ryanair for the last five years regularly, at least four-six flights a year and never had any problems. No lost baggage, no "hidden" costs, no nothing. And always well below £30 return flights. The hidden costs only appear to people who can't actually read. I work as a receptionist and I know how some people complain about things as "hidden" and "never mentioned" that were clearly stated in the booking. If one reads every word through booking, then he or she will find out about every charge, and if someone packs for a two-week holiday clothes that would be enough for a year-long trip, then they should be prepared to pay extra. I personally only fly with hand luggage so I won't need to queue to check in or pay extra for anything. So if you wanna fly cheap, be prepared to make sacrifices.
Janos Gal, Edinburgh

Comment 7 
This September my family and I happened to fly internally in Italy on another cheap airline. We got: numbered seats, free coffee, free biscuits and preferential treatment because we are a young family. Unlike Rynair, no pushing and crowding to get on the bus, no rude people attempting to get in front of you, all generally very pleasant. The time of the flight was also more convenient; we left Milan Linate at midday. The equivalent Ryanair flight would have meant getting up at four in the morning. Suffice to say, we will not be hurrying to fly with Mr O'Leary's company in the near future.
Liam Bass, Brescia, Italy

Source. A love/hate affair with Ryanair, BBC Magazine

Photo: The Times
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